The way to tell if someone is racist is put two groups of teenagers, one a group of white kids the other a group of black kids, on two sides of a street both walking the opposite way of someone and if the person walks down the middle of the road to avoid both groups you have successfully proved the point that teenagers are fucking scary

Oct 19

I know so many witches who are interested in girls it’s like every witch I meet is kinda gay or just really gay

Oct 18

I don’t think I have the ability to bear children. Like I can’t get pregnant. Not I don’t want to. I can’t.

Oct 18

my brother’s friend literally just comes over to our house, smokes weed, eats all of our food, and leaves like you leave the place smelling like shit and there’s trash everywhere please stop coming over

Oct 17

Also sick and tired of the eroticization of Asian women.

Oct 15

Not getting a response after a question more like I’m never talking again

Oct 15

I’m on a caffeine high I just wanna finish my homework

Oct 13

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